Spend a couple of hours with me and change how the world sees you and how you see yourself!!

Real World Fashion Advice

Style is not about looking like a runway model or even your best friend. I want to help you look your best, with clothes and accessories that not only fit you, but fit your personality and lifestyle as well.

Fashion & Function

Feeling good about your appearance energizes you and gives you confidence.

A book is often chosen by its cover. This analogy is for people too. Right or wrong, people do make judgments based on our outer appearance. Want to be seen, heard, valued? Whatever you want or need, looking and feeling confident will help you. What do you want to say…….even before you speak.

Do you have a closet full of clothes but often think you have nothing to wear……. or nothing you want to wear? Understanding your Personal Style, and having your Custom Color swatches, takes away the guess work!  You will no longer buy clothes that never get worn and just hang in your closet, often with the price tag still attached. Learn to mix and match clothing for a pulled together look, whether for everyday casual or glitz and glam! Be ready for any occasion, from your child’s play date to a date with your husband or boyfriend, a “Girl’s night out”, or from the board room to a Royal wedding and everything in between.

UPCOMING EVENT ~ Style Workshop

Join us for fun with fashion, as I encourage you to “Find your STYLE”.

  • Learn a NEW WAY of looking at Color!
  • Find out what YOUR fashion personality is?
  • Accessorize to express yourself, made EASY!

SPACE IS LIMITED for  more personal learning experience - 


Why:  When you feel good about how you look, you are more confident in all areas of Life!!

It also energizes you!! Learn fashion tips, look FABULOUS –  be encouraged!


Hope to see you there!!

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